M2 Fitness Band

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Basic Locomotion Training (No Gym Needed)

Me So Fit

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Home Workout – Bodyweight #3

On 3/21 I burned 181 cals in 18 min doing a guided workout with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session! https://dashboard.microsofthealth.com/sharedevent/GuidedWorkout?eventId=kurl%3a%2f%2fprodphsweu.dns-cargo.com%2fprod-pod-weu-0x0%2f0ed2ace9-47ee-430b-8587-3109e39fb27e%2fevent%2f2519122148959277181 Continue reading “Home Workout – Bodyweight #3”

Home Workout – Running Intervals #1

On 3/19 I burned 109 cals in 25 min doing a guided workout with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session! https://dashboard.microsofthealth.com/sharedevent/GuidedWorkout?eventId=kurl%3a%2f%2fprodphsweu.dns-cargo.com%2fprod-pod-weu-0x0%2f0ed2ace9-47ee-430b-8587-3109e39fb27e%2fevent%2f2519123832104627802 Continue reading “Home Workout – Running Intervals #1”

Home Workout-Bodyweight #2

On 3/17 I burned 127 cals in 14 min doing a guided workout with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session! https://dashboard.microsofthealth.com/sharedevent/GuidedWorkout?eventId=kurl%3a%2f%2fprodphsweu.dns-cargo.com%2fprod-pod-weu-0x0%2f0ed2ace9-47ee-430b-8587-3109e39fb27e%2fevent%2f2519125551379117423 Continue reading “Home Workout-Bodyweight #2”

My Home Workout Day #1

On 3/15 I burned 137 cals in 16 min doing a guided workout with my Microsoft Band. Check out my full session! https://dashboard.microsofthealth.com/sharedevent/GuidedWorkout?eventId=kurl%3a%2f%2fprodphsweu.dns-cargo.com%2fprod-pod-weu-0x0%2f0ed2ace9-47ee-430b-8587-3109e39fb27e%2fevent%2f2519127303426532064

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1&1 Pilates Workout

Pilates workout day.  Full circuit takes about 12 minutes. Repeat several rounds if you can. Taking it easier than usual workout days. Hope you’d enjoy this workout. Leave your comments below. Continue reading “1&1 Pilates Workout”

1&1 Core Workout

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Chest MONSTER! Bodyweight WORKOUT Routine

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1&1 Full Body Workout

1 minute of pain is followed by 1 minute rest. Each exercise is explained. If you already familiar with the hype – you can simply proceed also during entire countdown. One circuit takes 26 minutes to complete. Repeat circuit 3-5 times if you can. Continue reading “1&1 Full Body Workout”

Fitbit your bits

Fitbit your bits

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Anytime Anywhere Fat Burning Workout

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Roman Melihhov’s 5 day Step challenge

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Microsoft Band

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Fitbit Summary

Walked 11,477 steps.

Watch YouTube video „Helium Workout Tips”

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High Intensity Cardio Workout for Lean Muscle

4 minutes intense cardio #workout for lean body. Continue reading “High Intensity Cardio Workout for Lean Muscle”


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