Rii K12 mini keyboard

This Rii K12plus wireless keyboard is my undeniable favorite of today. Even though it is compact, I like having touchpad embedded on the right. It fells almost like working with your smartphone and yes, it does work with your #windowsPhone10, Microsoft display dock #windows10 PC, android and Linux #fedora24 box. According to manufacturer, iOS is supported as well, but I can’t confirm that.

As for the size, I wish it was an inch bigger in each side, but its just my desire. People with large hands will probably find this very inconvenient to use. I like keyboard click feedback. Its scissor key mechanism is nice and smooth to use. Very responsive keyboard and sensitive touchpad. As for battery life I’ll still have to see how long will it last and I’d post my results in the comment area of this post.

My overall impression is good. Lets see in depth details in a week or two. Today it looks like a worth buy piece of technology.




Roman Melihhov.

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