37°C degrees fitness band

It is my second week with 37°C band and I like it. I’ve previously used #MSFT #Band and #Fitbit Charge, so not having a display screen to read some measurements was a big no, but what I’d learned bout this band is that application loads data quickly unlike waiting for nearly a minute to get data on MSFT band or less on Fitbit, 37°C loads instantaneously, although it doesn’t increment steps in real time. 37°C is waterproof to withstand showering and swimming for 30 minutes. IP67+ standard doesn’t say whether it can be submerged deeper tn 1m for a longer periods and I haven’t tried it. I have been using it repeatedly for 5 days under the pressurized water cannons shooting water in Jacuzzi massage baths.
And like any other fitness tracker it has its own flaws. Let me name few:
1. Sleep logging sometimes doesn’t show sleep when you launch an app right after you wake up (without some activity, like 30 steps). User guide reads sleep quality measurements appear after 30 minutes after you wake up, and this is about how it is.
2. Exercise (real time heart rate fails sometimes with “background operation pending” or “initializing system” messages appear. This is how things look under the latest application for android version 2.6.3 released on the http://37c.cc/ website. Tested on Android 6.0.1 flyme v5.2.11.0G Meizu m5 note.
3. Ambulatory BP (blood pressure) measurements often fail during activity/workout when the band is shifting on your wrist.
37°C band does not appear on bluetooth devices list, I assume it is just hidden device, which is great for security reasons. Given the fact that I’m living in apartment and constantly see my neighbors Fitbit Alta discoverable under bluetooth devices, this sounds more for an advantage rather than flaw.